People always ask me what I do for my skin. I’ve always kept my routine pretty simple and I love being introduced to new products. When Organic Doctor®approached me, I was obsessed with the fact that the products were organic and all natural, because that’s number one for me – I knew it wouldn’t effect my skin harshly. Organic Doctor® is a clean beauty solution, free from all the harsh chemicals that are in many other brands. They find ingredients from all around the world that are natural and safe, (and they all smell amazing!) Some of my favorite products are the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Eye Perfect and the Organic Tea Tree Beauty Spot Stick. I love finding good eye creams that help reduce fine lines and smooth out the skin in my under eye area, and their Eye Perfect is great for that. I apply it every night before bed and sometimes in the morning too! I generally don’t have bad skin, so The Beauty Spot Stick is perfect for when I get minor imperfections every so often. It penetrates and protects, ensuring that my skin will become blemish free! I love hearing about new beauty products you guys are using too – where do you #findbeauty?

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